Yateley Morris Men are recruiting!!!

Yateley Morris Men are recruiting!!!

Q and A

Q Morris dancing – what’s all that about then?

A It’s England’s national dance and a growing activity in the UK and abroad. The dances are lively, varied and interesting. There are different styles, Yateley specialise in one called Cotswold.

 Q Why should I have a go?

A  The same reason as we do – it’s a lot of fun. We have a load of laughs together as we practice and perform in some great places. It is also really satisfying to learn and master something new – especially something a bit different. Good friendships are made.

 Q Looks complicated, do I have to have any experience?

A No, most of us started from scratch, usually with two left feet! We practice during the winter taught by our own foremen (both dancers and musicians). Gets you fit as well.


Q Is it expensive?

A  Cheap as chips. Most of our expenses (such as hiring a hall for our practices in the winter) are covered by collections and fees when we perform. There is no subscription fee.

Q I will have to make a big commitment?

A No, you’re in control. We dance on Tuesday evenings at good local pubs and the lads always look forward to that. We also do days out at weekends and aim to have at least a couple of weekends away camping (or similar) every year.

Q Sounds good! What do I do next?

A  Get in touch and have a chat with us. Put Tuesday 5th September in your diary for an open evening. The beer is on us!

 Contact Details: Ross 07990 782638