Update on Tythings Lift

Unfortunately, people using The Tythings will be aware that due to a complete failure of the existing lift, the only way to access the Gallery Room is by the stairs. This is not appropriate for a community building and so we have been working hard to get a new lift installed as soon as possible.

We have the funds in place and Councillors selected what we thought was the best contractor to carry out the work. Unfortunately that has not proved to be the case so we are having to look at possibly engaging a new contractor. The original contractor was selected based on the quick timescales they offerred. as well as cost and reputation. It has become apparant that those timescales cannot be met. We will continue to update all users and offer alternative accomodation where required where we can until this issue is resolved.

Please be assured that we are doing all we can to get a new lift installed as quickly as possible.

Please contact the office for additional information. 01252 872198.

Many thanks

Jane Biscombe

Town Clerk