YTC Consultation: Pipson's Lane Lighting, Yateley

YTC Consultation: Pipson's Lane Lighting, Yateley



Consultation: Installation of Lighting along Pipson’s Lane alleyway, off Farm View, Parkfields and Home Park Road, Yateley

Yateley Town Council is planning on installing lighting along the Pipson’s Lane alleyway and would like to know your thoughts on this scheme. The purpose of this lighting is to increase the sense of safety along this well used but dark path and to encourage more people to access the town by foot. The specific location of the route to be lit is shown on the map below.

The two installation options under consideration by the Council are:

Option 1: Standard height streetlight columns

Option 2: Low level bollard lights

Option 1 (streetlight columns) will provide a good level of light along this poorly lit alleyway and will require less maintenance but may be more intrusive for neighbouring properties. Option 2 (bollard lights) will offer a lower level of light output but neighbouring residents will not be affected by light spill and it will be more cost effective than option 1.

If you would like to comment on the above scheme, please send your responses by email to: or post your letter to Yateley Town Council, Council Offices, Reading Road, Yateley, GU46 7RP by 1st March 2020, shortly after which a decision will be made.

Location Map



Red diamond - proposed position of new bollard lights or streetlight columns*

Green oval - existing streetlight columns

* Please note that the lighting along Parkfields will be on the alleyway and not on the road. It may be necessary to alter the final lighting unit positions due to tree roots, underground services and unforeseen circumstances