Neighbourhood Plan

Draft Neighbourhood Plan Policies

  1. Policy in favour of good local design in keeping with existing community feel
  1. Policy to protect buildings of historic and cultural importance (to align with the Yateley Society’s work to identify buildings of local importance)  
  1. Policy to protect important local green spaces and gaps  
  1. Policy to encourage design that encourages biodiversity 
  1. Policy in favour of environmental design (e.g. support for solar panels etc)
    1. Thoughts on environmental design-:
      1. Triple glazing
      2. Solar panels for water heating
      3. PV panels for production of electricity
      4. Underground thermal heating
      5. low energy homes (code for sustainable homes level 5/6)
      6. Orientation suitable for roof mounted PV panels
      7. Future proof for connection to low carbon heating
      8. Introduce ‘Merton Rule’ minimum percentage of energy from renewables
  1. Protection and provision of trees, hedges and local planting 
  1. Provision of allotments 
  1. Policy in favour of housing mix, with a bias in favour of smaller, “starter” homes 
  1. Policy in favour of generous provision of affordable housing 
  1. Identification of any sites currently suitable for development
  1. Policy to provide good sport, leisure and recreational facilities 
  1. Policy to regulate traffic flow to reduce noise, pollution and to enhance safety
  1. Policy on car parking provision in both residential and business areas
  1. Policy to improve pedestrian and cycle access – direct and appropriate paths to town facilities  

Aim - to increase mobility through provision of cycle lanes and pavement upgrades. A quarter of journeys are less than half a mile so walking and cycling should be encouraged as these are more socially and environmentally friendly.

Questions to resolve include –

•     Which cycle routes

•     Who would use them

•     How can one discourage cars from entering cycle lanes

•     Which pavements need installing

•     More pedestrian crossings of Reading Road

  1. Policy to encourage sympathetic redevelopment of business premises 
  1. Provision of good infrastructure - telecomms, broadband etc 
  1. Protection of watercourses and avoidance of flood risk
  1. Reducing carbon emissions in line with Climate Change Act

Aim to reduce carbon emission to zero by 2050 as this is a statutory requirement 

Possible measures include

•     Increase awareness of need to reduce energy use and carbon emissions

•     Increase use of walking and cycling

•     Increase provision of public transport

•     Introduce low energy design of new buildings

•     Retrofit insulation to older buildings

•     Discuss and involve students in both primary and secondary schools

  1. Blackbushe Airport site


For more information, please visit the Neighbourhood Plan website by clicking here.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are looking at developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Yateley, Darby Green and Frogmore. The Steering Group was set up on 26 July 2017. You can view the Steering Group's remit here Terms of reference.

Next Meeting: 31st March 2020, 7pm at the Monteagle Community Hall (1st Floor committee room), Tresham Crescent, Yateley.


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Annual Town Meeting 14th March 2019 Presentations:

Main Presentation

Transport - Getting Around

Open Spaces



For the original presentation from Katie Bailey (Hart DC) please click here.

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