Town Mayor's Welcome

 Yateley Town Councillor Gerry Crisp commenced his fourth year of office as Town Mayor in May 2016


Gerry and Bebi arrived in Yateley in 1978 with Serena (two) and newly born Charmaine. Davinia joined the Crispies in 1982 to complete the clan. Gerry's career was mainly in Sales and Marketing before spending 7 years in church related ministries. This followed with a time in financial services as an Associate Partner with Rothschilds at Yateley Hall.

Following a prolonged illness, Gerry took things a little easier for a while and delivered mail to many of our residents, before embarking on his own book and gift business, finishing with his retirement in 2011. 

Gerry has served our community as a Councillor for Yateley from 2011. He has since been very active in seeking to establish a Dedicated Youth Centre and a daytime cafe. 

Gerry has introduced a "Pride of Yateley Awards" , in order to recognise our dedicated community volunteers, who give so freely of their time and who are in effect the heartbeat of our town, as they give over many years, acts of selfless service.

Gerry  is looking forward to meeting up with all our local organisations, schools and businesses, (over 200), in order to develop stronger community relationships. 

This year, the charities that the Mayor has chosen to support are Sean Devereux Children's Fund and The Big Issue Foundation.

The Mayor is delighted to receive invitations from local organisations to attend functions and fundraising events. If you would like him to come along to your event, please fill in the attached form and email to  


Town Mayor's function form 2017