Town Mayor's Welcome

Yateley Town Mayor 2018/2019 - Councillor Tony Spencer.                                       

It is an honour to serve as your Town Mayor again for the 2018/19 year.

My wife Barbara and I moved here in 1983, thinking then that it was a half-way house for our family, but we soon fell in love with life here. Barbara was already fond of the area, having been a junior school teacher at Frogmore Juniors from about 1972-77, and continued at St Peter's from around 1985 until she retired in 2009. We are now both retired.

I originally served as a town councillor from 1987-99 and was re-elected in 2015. I have served as a past chairman and deputy chairman and as Deputy Mayor. The team, including Deputy Mayor Cllr Greg Easterbrook, will be busy during this coming twelve months providing plenty of opportunities to support, promote and celebrate life in Yateley.

Two local organisations will equally benefit from the Mayor’s Charities in the coming year.

Yateley’s Men’s Shed was officially launched at May Fayre this year and already has attracted over 30 members with a further 20 expressing interest in joining. The Men’s Shed movement began in Australia about 11 years ago, where there are now over 1000 Men’s Sheds. It was recognised that while women based around the home, and domestic life, especially where they've had children, already have a network of friends and organisations around them throughout their lives. Men on the other hand, particularly in a dormitory town like Yateley, have little daily contact domestically and mostly socialise during the day with colleagues far from home. When they retire, it is difficult to maintain old contacts and, with the loss of a regular working routine in teams and producing things, find it difficult to settle into domestic life. For some this seriously affects their health and well-being. The Men’s Shed provides opportunities to continue to use those working skills, pass them on through training to others and learn new skills, they can work on their own projects using others to help, or they can join in and help on other projects or suggest new projects that others might be interested in. Yateley’s Men’s Shed membership is open to all sexes and ages above 18, and projects will be flexible to reflect members' interests and what projects needy organisations request their assistance in.


Vision 4 Youth have provided a service for youths in the town ever since the County cut their provision almost a decade ago. They are now housed in their own recently-launched purpose-built Youth Suite in The Tythings and are now only limited by the number and range of volunteers they can attract and train to be able to run more varied youth provision, both within the Suite or by outreaching to more remote areas of the town.

I am keen to be involved in all aspects of community life in Yateley and would to meet all active and potential groups to increase awareness of like-minded people and promote synergy to improve the feeling of community as a whole.


The Mayor is delighted to receive invitations from local organisations to attend functions and fundraising events. If you would like him to come along to your event, please fill in the form below and email to  

Town Mayor's function form 2018